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  • What container sizes are available for sale at Container Hero?

    The most commonly available shipping containers for sale come in 20ft or 40ft and are also the most widely used in the industry. Additionally, 45ft shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular, and we also have those available for sale. 

    Each container is around 8ft wide. The height of each shipping container varies between standard height of 8ft 6in and high-cube (HC) of 9ft 6in.

  • What do the different container conditions mean?

    Generally, there are five standard conditions for shipping containers: New, IICL, Cargo-Worthy (CW), Wind and Watertight (WWT), and As-is. 

    New: These are also known as “One-Trip” and have most likely carried a single load of dry goods into the U.S. before being made available for sale. They may have some superficial damage due to the journey but otherwise, they are in perfect condition and do not require any maintenance. 

    IICL: These containers meet the standards and specifications set by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL), which is a global trade association that represents companies that are engaged in the business of leasing containers and related equipment. They will be structurally sound, sealed, waterproof, have floors in good condition and be compliant with IMO standards. 

    Cargo-Worthy (CW): These containers are deemed suitable to transport cargo from point A to B. They usually come with minor dents, scuffs and scratches, but will be structurally sound, sealed and waterproof. 

    Wind and Watertight (WWT): These containers do not allow wind or water to penetrate through the roof, walls or doors. They will show signs of wear and tear and will come with scratches, signs of corrosion, marked floors and have possibly gone through some repairs in their lifetime.

    As-is: These are damaged containers that have been taken out of commission by the shipping industry. They will usually have significant damage on the roof, walls and floors and are best suited for purposes other than shipping or storage. 

  • How much does a shipping container weigh?

    Generally speaking, an empty standard 20ft shipping container weighs 2,300 kgs / 5,071 lbs, a 40ft is 3,750 kgs / 8,268 lbs and a 40ft high-cube is 3,900 kgs / 8,598 lbs.

  • Besides shipping, what else can I use a shipping container for?

    Container Hero offers a diverse selection of shipping containers suitable for storage, relocating residences, constructing modular homes, and various other applications, aside from their primary function in shipping. Due to their standardized dimensions and widespread availability, shipping containers are a practical, reliable, and robust substitute for conventional building materials. Their versatility ranges from straightforward storage solutions, such as acting as a garage or shed alternative, to intricate modular construction endeavors, encompassing tiny homes, short-term rental units, home offices, gyms, and nowadays even swimming pools!